27.09.2016 - Webinar

iso CHROM LC cube - A novel high-temperature combustion LC-interface for compound-specific stable isotope analysis of carbon and nitrogen

WEBINAR: 30. November 2016 / 10:00 AM (Central European Time)

In aqueous samples, compound-specific stable isotope analysis (CSIA) plays an important role. Environmental and forensic sciences are prominent examples of such applications, including utilizing naturally occurring fractionation processes during transport and transformation processes to allocate contaminants or drug sources. The broad range of involved application areas includes the food industry (food fraud) and sport (doping). However, the currently available LC-IRMS solution based on chemical oxidation is limited to stable carbon isotope analysis and the use of water as LC eluent. This considerably limits the application possibilities and analyzable compound classes.

In this webinar a novel high-temperature combustion interface is presented that hyphenates LC with IRMS in a more flexible way. For the first time, it is possible to analyze stable nitrogen isotopes with LC-IRMS. In combination with stable carbon isotope analysis, this opens an entire new world of possibilities in studying polar, non-volatile or thermolabile organic compounds that contain nitrogen. In continuous operation, the stable isotope ratio for virtually all peaks in a chromatogram can be analyzed. Experimental data of different examples proof the performance and flexibility of such a system. Compounds were determined typically with a precision and trueness of ≤0.5‰ for different stable isotopes.

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Language: English

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